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Gabrielle is 27 years old and lives in Butler, PA with her Goldendoodle, Jane. She has an Associate's Degree in Business Administration and loves not only the arts but the business aspect of dance and what goes on behind the scenes. Gabrielle is a member of the National Dance Education Organization (NDEO) and has 11 certifications through their training program. She has 17 years of studio and competitive dance experience, as well as 2 years dance experience at the college level where she studied different styles and genres of dance ranging from Ballet to African Dance and plenty of other styles in between! She has won many awards and titles at local, regional and national levels. Gabrielle has been teaching dance for 6 years and is excited to continue her teaching and sharing her love for dance!



Jordan is 18 years old. She graduated as an honors student at Butler Area Senior High School. Jordan has been dancing, cheering and taking gymnastics for 16 years. She has attended many competitions winning awards at a local, regional and national level. Jordan has been an assistant teacher for many styles of dance for 7 years. She has trained under Miss. Gabrielle for 6 years. Jordan is excited to share her passion of dance with all of her students as she continues to assist and create her own choreography this year!

Staff: Dance Company
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